Workplace-specific Activities

Activities of occupational health care are based on the individual needs of each workplace. The basis for planning the activities is to identify and take into account the needs of the workplace in co-operation with the occupational health care and the representatives of the workplace.

Workplace survey

In order for the occupational health care to evaluate the needs of each workplace, it needs to know the workplace and the working conditions. With the workplace survey the occupational health care will gain an understanding of the workplace, its risks, elements of danger, and the strain of employees. Based on this information as well as evidence-based information the occupational health care will take health hazards into account, give possible suggestions about corrections directed at the working environment, and make a plan for the physical examinations.

Occupational health nurses and doctors will participate in the making of the workplace survey. Occupational health physiotherapists can make reports related to ergonomics when needed, and occupational health psychologists can map psychological strain factors at the workplace. If needed, other specialists can also be used, for example specialists in occupational optometry, agriculture, or some technical field.