Treatment of Occupational Accidents

Additional information in Finnish:

An accident is an acute, unforeseen event caused by an external factor that causes an injury or illness. Acute means that the event happened suddenly and quickly, and unforeseen means that the event happened unintentionally, that is, that the event was unexpected and surprising. An external factor means a circumstance which the employee could not control and which causes damage, such as slipperiness of a street, a hole in the road, a falling object, or a sharp item.

An occupational accident is an accident that happens either at work – that is, while working – or in circumstances caused by work (at the workplace or area belonging to the workplace, on the way to or from the workplace, or while the employee is visiting someplace else on business).

Mild accidents can be treated by the occupational health care. If the occupational accident calls for more extensive examinations (e.g. imaging) or treatment, the employee can also seek treatment from their local health centre or the private sector. If possible, an insurance certificate should be brought to the visit.

The employer should supply an insurance certificate for the place of treatment already when the injured person arrives, if possible. Insurance certificate forms can be found on the web services of insurance companies.